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A Will is a legally binding document that states how all your property is to be distributed at your death. There are very strict requirements for preparing a valid will, including that it be in writing, signed and properly witnessed.

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Estates & Probate

‘Probate’ involves obtaining an order from the Court to give effect to a will and distributing the former estate of a deceased person. The process is overseen by an ‘Executor’ if there is a will, or by the Court in the absence of one whereby the Court issues ‘Letters of Administration’.

Probate involves identifying and listing the deceased person’s property, accounting and valuing the property, as well as paying taxes and creditors out of the deceased’s assets. If there is a will, the assets are distributed according to the instructions therein, and if there is no will, assets are distributed according to state law.

If you are family or had any dependence on a deceased, you may also be able to make a ‘family provision claim’, even if you have not been provided for in a valid will, thus allowing you to receive an inheritance. This is a matter of justice to you.

Enrights Solicitors has extensive expertise in obtaining probate, administering the estate, acting on Letters of Administration and launching family provision claims.

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