Property & Conveyancing

Conveyancing is the buying, selling and leasing of property, ensuring the good title is properly transferred from one person (or company) to another. This requires a written contract.

A solicitor’s involvement in the process of conveyancing includes:

  • writing the terms of the contract and negotiating these;
  • advising clients on the usual and any unusual terms;
  • ensuring compliance with full vendor disclosure obligations
  • making enquiries of the rates and charges payable on the property and adjusting the contract price accordingly;
  • attending to ‘requisitions’ (questions) about the property to ensure full disclosure; and
  • coordinating the exchange of the correct sums of money and documents to successfully ‘settle’ the matter.

Each conveyance is unique with its own requirements.

The professional team at Enrights Solicitors acts for both persons buying a property (purchasers) and persons selling a property (vendors).  We also act in other property disputes, including issues with leases, ‘landlords’, ‘tenants’ and rental arrangements.

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